HQT One - Your digital access to HQ Trust

The new digital way to your assets

HQT One is the digital access to your assets. You can access your HQT Safe and your digital HQT asset reporting and controlling via our new client portal.

Since our solution is device-independent, you can access HQT One with your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone - whenever and wherever you want.

Up to date and comprehensive
More than a data platform

With HQT One you have complete access to your current assets, your asset structure, controlling and all important documents relating to your assets at all times - as well as exclusive research material.

HQ Trust bundles all relevant third-party asset information and documents (such as from banks, tax advisors or auditors) for you in HQT One. We coordinate, structure, control and evaluate the data for you. In addition, you can also contact your advisor at a distance - via digital signature - and manage your assets.

You benefit from our team's decades of experience and expertise in managing highly complex assets.