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HQ Trust – wealth management at a glance

Wealth Management
HQ Trust combines the investment experience of decades

We pursue a structured and long-term investment approach. Our experts subject all assets to in-depth analysis and balance your asset classes.

This enables us to optimise your risk/reward profile. To do this, we observe a large universe of liquid and alternative investments and select the appropriate instruments for you.

With our comprehensive reporting, we ensure that you are always in control of your investments.

Strategic Asset Allocation

The long-term asset allocation - the allocation of capital to different asset classes such as equities or bonds - has the greatest influence on the long-term overall result of a portfolio.

Tactical Asset Allocation

Tactical asset allocation is about over- or underweighting asset classes in the short to medium term in order to take advantage of market opportunities.

Manager Selection

In the area of liquid and alternative investments, the difference between the best and the weaker managers is very large.

We at HQ Trust can assess their quality very well as we have worked with top managers over many cycles and have a very stringent and systematic selection process.


An elementary component of our asset management is to keep our clients' money real in the long term. Therefore, consistent risk management plays a fundamental role.

However, it is not our aim to minimize all risks as a matter of principle, but only to take on those risks from which we expect additional income.

Reporting and Controlling

The performance of your various assets requires complete control.

Our reporting ensures that you always have an overview of your investments.


"For more than three decades the Harald Quandt family has been increasing its assets with above-average success. Their principles - diversification across all asset classes, many years of experience with alternative investments and independence from banks - are reflected in our daily work."

Jochen Butz | Managing Director